Monday, May 3, 2010

The Value of an Hour

Taken from John

When I was 21 years-old, a gentleman asked me what I thought the value of an hour was. I honestly did not know how to answer the question. He went on to teach me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

He suggested that the value of an hour was priceless. This confused me some, so this is what he said to me.

“If you invest one hour each day in understanding yourself and your environment better, you will accumulate nine 40-hour weeks over the course of a year!”

Yikes! As you can imagine I was blown away when he put it to me that way.

Nine 40-hour weeks? This seemed impossible until I did the math. 365 days, times one hour each is…yup, nine 40-hour weeks!

He went on to ask me how good I could get at something if I did it all day, every day for just over 2 months. Well, you already know the answer to that.

I thought I could be awesome!

He went on to tell me that over the course of just five years, I would have invested the equivalent of 1,825 hours of focus on whatever I desired to accomplish my life.

Imagine for a minute, how good you can become at anything that you did one hour a day for the next year. How fit could you get? How much more in love would you get and give? How much more money could you earn?

Let me suggest that one hour is a small price to pay in comparison to the payoff. Just one hour a day may be the razor’s edge you need to really get the results you want in your life.

For me, the decision was easy. I have been studying human potential and the mind for over 20 years. Each time I think I’m getting a good handle on it, I am gently reminded of how much there is to observe and learn.

Is getting what you want worth an hour a day? I certainly hope so.

I still manage to set aside my hour to read motivational stories or listen to inspirational people. They are the fuel for my mind and it keeps me learning and yearning for more.

Please adopt an hour a day for yourself! Pick one area of your life that you want to improve and commit the next 90 days to that one thing.

I assure you that the results you achieve will be well worth the decision! And remember…you can’t take out of life more than you put in.

Work hard...Stay Fabulous...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Becoming A Better Business Owner

Sometimes we all need a little push. A reminder that we can continue what we dream. Some women enjoy learning from others. Some teach. Some join networking groups. This particular woman became a different entrepreneur this week from a seminar. Ladies, we all need a way to grow. A way to become better business women. Do what you can and share with others!

"I went with low expectations and returned home a different person. A different artist, business owner, dreamer, entrepreneur. I feel confident and alive. I feel loved and connected and energized. I feel tired and fearful and overwhelmed. I love feeling all of this." -Jessica Cudzilo

Watch this video and get inspired!

Jasmine Star

Attitude. Confidence. Style.

Valerie Weissinger
Val's Boutique

Saturday, March 6, 2010

High School Reunion or Cocktail Party!

If you are like us, then all of the new social networking options out there could be a little overwhelming.  First is was Myspace, then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and it seems like there are new ones everyday.  You probably get the invitations in your inbox, because someone asked you to be their friend, or to connect, or whatever the trendy new dialogue is about you joining their site. 
Yesterday, we picked up a great analogy of the difference between Twitter & Facebook status updates that we wanted to share.  Facebook is like a high school reunion.  It's a place to connect to old friends, and share what is going on in your daily life.  Twitter is like a cocktail party.  It is a place to share recommendations of your favorite stores, books, movies, etc.  Just like if you were having a conversation.  If someone came up to you at a cocktail party and only talked about themselves then you wouldn't want to talk to them for very long, right? 
This analogy was such an eye-opener for us, and hopefully it will help you as begin your own social networking!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Are All Meant to Shine

I found this video from Tony Robbins today. My husband and I are leaving next week for Orlando to attend one of Tony's seminars. I am so excited to see him! I know I am blessed beyond measure for the opportunity and also to be married to such a great man who sees the value in us spending the money and time to go.

Hope you enjoy this video and realize how great you are!

Work hard...Stay fabulous! -Ginger

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's You and Yours

The girls of Under the Hill have been hard at work today. We hosted a Valentine's Event where women were given the royal pampered treatment. They were treated to make-up from Mary Kay by Alison Ford, hair by Erin Finn and they were accessorized by Ginger Jones of Nala. Finally Stephanie Hambley with Stephanie Marie Photographie snapped a headshot paparazzi style.

Here we are...hard at work!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Best Brand

I heard a fabulous speaker today who is a successful business owner. She said that the brand of your business is the feeling that people get when they see your name on caller id.

Hmmm...does your brand say "let the voicemail get it"???

Work hard...Stay fabulous...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Listen to This

There is a successful man I know who has worked hard to make all of his dreams become reality. Whenever I tell others about him I always talk about how he has the ability to make everyone he talks to feel important. I truly think that is why people are drawn to him and he has been able to accomplish great things.

No matter what you can't go wrong by showing interest in what other people say and making them feel important. The better you listen, the better you'll be listened to.

I know I've always got a lot to say so I need to remember that I have a lot to listen to as well.

Work hard...Stay fabulous...