Saturday, March 6, 2010

High School Reunion or Cocktail Party!

If you are like us, then all of the new social networking options out there could be a little overwhelming.  First is was Myspace, then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and it seems like there are new ones everyday.  You probably get the invitations in your inbox, because someone asked you to be their friend, or to connect, or whatever the trendy new dialogue is about you joining their site. 
Yesterday, we picked up a great analogy of the difference between Twitter & Facebook status updates that we wanted to share.  Facebook is like a high school reunion.  It's a place to connect to old friends, and share what is going on in your daily life.  Twitter is like a cocktail party.  It is a place to share recommendations of your favorite stores, books, movies, etc.  Just like if you were having a conversation.  If someone came up to you at a cocktail party and only talked about themselves then you wouldn't want to talk to them for very long, right? 
This analogy was such an eye-opener for us, and hopefully it will help you as begin your own social networking!

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